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but were probably too terrified to ask

The Center For Thanatology Research & Education, Inc. is a non-profit Small Press, Library, Museum, Resource Center, and Mail Order Bookseller, that handles books, media and periodicals on one major subject: The Study of Mortality: THANATOLOGY

Q. THANA-what? Is that one of those new occult religions?

A. No. Thanatology is the study of everything that has to do with dying, death, and grief, including cemeteries and gravestones, such as AIDS, The Arts, Children, Counseling, Cancer &Heart Disease, Euthanasia, Funerals, Grief, History, Hospice, Multi-Cultural Rites, Pain, Counseling, Suicide, Widows & Widowers, etc. etc. etc.

Q. You're sure long-winded. Tell me who's interested in all that jazz?

A. Glad you asked. Eventually everybody, including Hollywood. But there are only 2 colleges that give degrees in the subject.(No academic courses in gravestone studies.)

Q. Well, I never heard of a business with only 2 customers! What are you doing with all those books?

A. First - We're a small press. We publish books, journals, and multi-media.

B. Second - We're mail order book sellers. We stock the publications of all! presses on these subjects, Thanatology or Gravestone Studies!

C. Third - We're a traveling book caravan! We exhibit our books at conventions - medicine to genealogy.

D. Fourth - We support A Thanatology Library & Museum, (over 2,000 books) & artifacts. Anyone can use the Library and examine our cemetery art. AND purchase books & gravestone rubbing materials. BUT please call for an appointment.

E. Finally, as a service to publishers - We are mailing list compilers! We rent lists of our customers to reputable publishers for titles we think might be of interest.

Q. Well, I was meaning to ask you that. Can I stop in and buy a book from you, like a regular book store?

A. Certainly, if it's in stock. With at least 900 titles to keep track of, we can't have them all available at once. But we'll be glad to order them for you.

V. Finally, as a service to publishers - We are mailing list compilers! We have our customers' names on computer for rental to publishers with titles of interest.

Q. I see. But how did you get into this unique specialty?

A. Roberta Halporn, MA, CT, Director, worked in publishing for 15 years, before opening the CENTER. She is Publishing Liaison for the Foundation of Thanatology, & Board Member of the Association for Gravestone Studies. To visit: Call (718)858-3026 or email: thanatology@pipeline.com.

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