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WOMEN OF VALOR: LIVES & LOSSES, An Illustrated Anthology of Literature from Colonial Times to the Present
Roberta Halporn, Compiler. Thomas Ryan, Designer. Constance Halporn, Producer.

Until the 20th century, medicine was helpless in the face of most illnesses. Women bore the loss of husbands, babies, and often faced their own. Their gravestones reveal American attitudes toward loss. in sculpture and epitaphs. Co-existing in our history were many, almost invisible, superb women poets and writers. This book combines the stories the memorials relate with the words of early women writers, and with new poets of today who display their own reactions to life in the midst of death. For classes on the historical attitudes toward death in America, and for stimulating reflections on the universality of loss. Supported by the Brooklyn Arts Council

2004 ISBN 0-930194-65-9 50 pp. (Tent.) Paper, $13.95 Download Order Form

A New CD From the Center. Brook Jacobs, Francene Kerry & Constance Halporn, Photographers

This CD presentation pays tribute to the impulse that surfaces in ordinary folk when a disaster occurs. Though we usually commission others to forge professional markers for the cemetery, we really want to express ourselves immediately, instead of waiting months for completion of a gravestone. We want to "do something now." The rest of the time, we ignore our innate artistic gifts.

The crosses that emerge like magic at the sites of roadside accidents, and the spray-painted wall remembrances found in poorer City neighborhoods have appeared in modern America for decades. So the home-made memorials that sprang to life after the World Trade disaster are not a new phenomenon.

After the 9/11 attack, New York City streets blossomed with amateur art - banks of artistically placed flowers, constructions of metal and paper, poems, drawings, songs, eulogies. We gathered by the thousands in our uncharacteristically quiet streets to look at these ephemeral remembrances and add our own attempts to express the sorrow and horror we felt.

This presentation contains photographic works by Jacobs,(Roadside Memorials), Francene Kerry (Street murals) and those created by Constance Halporn in a marathon photographic quest through the City from September 12th and 13th of 2001. The text & bibliography are also included. Project supported by the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

2005 Winter (Tent.), $25.00 Download Order Form

Poetry by Marion Deutsche Cohen

The poet's husband had a life-threatening neuromuscular disease. These works about the tedious, enraging, and frustrating aspects of her life, speak to all those who love their stricken companions, and chide themselves for longing to be free of the living consequences.

1993 ISBN: 0-930194-50-0 LC:92-074038, Paper, $9.95 Download Order Form

THE NEXT STEP FORWARD, Music Therapy with the Terminally Ill
Jenny A. Martin, C.M.T., Editor

"Enables the therapist to offer patients the avenues to express what they are experiencing, which they are unable or unwilling to state directly."

97 pp. ISBN:0-930194-46-2, Spiral bound, $17.95 Download Order Form

DEATH: A Primer for All Ages, Dr. Sandra Bertman

The Arts: A Source of Comfort & Insight, Aging Grace: Treatments of the Aged in the Arts. Bearing the Unbearable: From Loss to Gain. (Reactions to a terminal diagnosis). A good introduction for undergraduates.

Illustrations drawn from the fine arts, children's drawings, and Pop culture. Dr. Bertman is Director, Medical Humanities, University of Massachusetts Medical School, at Boston College

1990, 56 pp. ISBN 0-93194-21-7, Paper, $6.95 Download Order Form

GRIEF AND THE HEALING ARTS.: Creativity as Therapy
Dr. Bertman. Published by Baywood Press. Also distributed by the Center.

Paper, $32.95 Download Order Form

With Commentary by Dr. Arthur Carr.

A fictional novella, it brilliantly illuminates the emotional pain of dying patients that may be overlooked in our clinical approaches to dying patients.

1973, 68 pp. 0-91034-75-6 LC 73-9700, Paper, $6.95 Download Order Form

WILL I LIVE ANOTHER DAY BEFORE I DIE?, Thoughts on Suicide and Life
Ed Gallagher

1989, ISBN:0-930194-44-6, Paper, $8.95 Download Order Form

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